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Guild Wars: Ascension

Posted on: March 31, 2010

My warrior/monk is level 18 and approaching Ascension. I was speaking to someone I knew who used to play it a lot back in the day.

He was giving me some tips for it.
-Don’t worry about leveling, it will level you to 20
-Only you will fight your double, so make sure your in order not your heros.
-Prepare your skills for it
-Prepare your gear for it
-Get a green weapon

He mentioned to pay to get myself a runner to the Droknar’s forge or make my own runner build for it as a warrior monk. There I can prepare good armor and do quests to help me beat my double.

From reading around I am not sure if its all as needed any more for warriors. However I might do the quests up to fighting my double while looking out for a green weapon and doing any skill quest I’ve missed.

If I do die while fighting my double I will have a clear cut to do list.


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