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I am up to

13. Riverside Province
Steal the Scepter of Orr from the White Mantle.

This seems to be a tricky mission. I was about half way through it and I died too many times. I might try it again without the bonus part.

I am level 18 at the moment. I was spending some time in eye of the north killing things for the Nord as well over the weekend.

I have gone back to doing missions in guild wars. I was wondering why they were not “saving” and why I had to redo them.

I realized this time I have to move location to do more of the story. Doh. So now I have to Rescue the soldiers taken prisoner by the Charr.

I’m level 11 so its not to hard to do the low level missions so I am going to go through them until I find I have to level again. Still there is excellent xps for doing missions so its worth replaying them.

Wintersday is coming back so I might try to get a hat this time.

Playing this week

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