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Lotro: Weathertop views

Posted on: February 25, 2010


Originally uploaded by warhammermer

I was playing lotro last night. There had been some guild drama so it was very quiet.

I had tried to do book 2 volume 10 but that had ended in minstrel death.

I was running around the Lone lands doing some deeds. I came across a level 60 monster? Why is it there? How odd.

I did however make some nice silver farming the monsters. Made about 500 silver from killing gore crows, worgs and orcs. I also reached level 32. I found some missed quests, some of which I can solo now, some I can’t.

I spent some of the skirmish tokens and upgraded my guardian a bit but did not end up playing a skirmish. I should tonight as the bonus xp is going away soon.


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