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The rising tide expansion is also out.

The new login screen is very pretty.

They also have a thread on the forums showing pictures of tideborn characters.

I’m not going to get chance to try this until this weekend. Happy leveling all!

Mmotaku has pictures of the tideborn and commentary on the excitement of waiting for the tideborn expansion to hit. I look forward to his commentary when it hits his zone.

The dawn of the elementals expansion hit level up games perfect world this last monday. Perfect world china and perfect world international got this first under various names. Genies add a lot to the game and are fun.

Currently I am checking the Chinese sites for pictures 🙂 The chinese site (wanmei) has some great pictures of the tideborn in swimming form.

Apparently the chinese cosplayers are already in action too. If you have not seen the trailer it can be seen here.

Apparently the new little pink cow stalls (instead of the normal cat stall) I am seeing as I run around,  is due to a cash shop item that expands the contents of the stall. Its cute.

If you have not heard of the upcoming expansion take a look at this rising tide preview and this faq on rising tide.

We know there is a new race coming, the Tideborn.

The newest race is called the Tideborn, ancient and powerful beings that dwell underwater. Having previously existed for thousands of years, unknown by the rest of the denizens of Perfect World, their addition will add a new layer of story to the game to uncover the Tideborn’s mysterious return.

We know there will be two new classes, the Psychic and Assassin.

The Tideborn will offer two new classes to PWI. The new classes available are tentatively being called the Psychic and Assassin!

The Assassin class picture has them wearing almost nothing. Guess I should make a male Assassin. They uses dual daggers as weapon, wear light armor and deal extreme damage in a short period.

The Psychic use magical orb, each different orb has different effect when using skills. They assists attack during the battle. Key word: repression. Sounds interesting. Maybe its a debuffing class?

In the faq I heard the level cap is not going up. Which is good because it already takes a huge amount of time to reach it.

There is a video here on the expansion called Tideborn – Tale of Mermaid.

It looks pretty gloomy, the demons have already given the tideborn a good kicking before we turn up to help. However I am hoping that not everything is lost.

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