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Warhammer: Call to arms

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Warhammer is sending out 10 day trials again.

I’ve a call to arms in my mailbox mentioning my highest level character that I got in the free month with the game box.

Character name: Aineya
Career: Swordmaster
Realm: Order
Rank: 16
Renown rank: 12

I might go back. I got pretty bored of the samey gameplay with very little other things to do.

The area I was in was really depressing to. The world was all destroyed and all the quests had horrible things happening to order.

Hmm I might go see it again anyway. However I’m not sure if its fixable what I grew to dislike.

Update: yep I level really slowly in games.  I have friends that would be level 20 on the first day of playing.

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