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Wizard 101: Update release

Posted on: October 16, 2009

West karana has all the news on the update today.

The full patch notes are also on the Wizard 101 website.

I had not heard about second chances, a nice idea and a gold sink.

Introducing Second Chances
Have you ever battled your way through a tough dungeon, only to be disappointed that you didn’t receive the reward for your School? Well now players can pay a small fee to get a second chance at what’s in the creatures pockets! Many final boss encounters will contain a chest in the room that offers players a second chance to get the item they wanted off the creature they just defeated. Simply use the chest after your initial duel, pay a few Crowns and you are given a second chance at the exact same rewards the boss drops normally. These chests can only be used a certain number of times per day per character.

Actually with mounts and seamstresses and this, you could call this the patch of the gold sink! Watch all your money go away on these cool new items.

Update: It did not click with me but crowns is the cash shop money (real money) so second chances are not that useful. Friendly has a post where he tried out the second chance feature.


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