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My monk/mesmer has gone through Weh no Su and hit level 20. One of my friends has prophecies and another has factions. So I now will have two max level characters that can come along and help.

With it being busy at the moment I have not had a lot of time to play.

I have managed to get a monk/mesmer in guild wars to level 14. She is in Jaya Bluff and just did the rite of valor.

I was doing more missions on my warrior/monk. I lost Koss and recovered him.

Check out massively for the end of the dismantle event

People of Kryta. I stand before you at both the dawn of a new age of prosperity and a return to the traditions of our ancestors. Our enemies have been dismantled, and all our years of suffering and oppression are finally over. It will take continued vigilance and courage to restore peace to the whole of Kryta, but we shall face our challenges as a united people. Many have fought and bled and sacrificed so that we may see this day.

We thank the Lionguard for their unwavering support of the people of Kryta. They shall continue, under the command of Firstwatch Sergio, in service to the city of Lion’s Arch. We thank the Shining Blade. They have been our truest companions and have proved themselves to be the true defenders of Kryta. Guided now by our loyal servant Livia, the Shining Blade will continue to serve Kryta, not as a rebel group nor as a militia, nor even as an army, but shall henceforth serve as the royal guard for all kings and queens of Kryta.

Most of all, we thank the people of Kryta, who have endured so much with such great dignity. All across Tyria, free people sing the praises of the common Krytan, and I join them in their chorus. The conflict has been a difficult one, pitting brother against brother, and neighbor against neighbor. Not all who fought against us were motivated by evil, for some were deceived by the lies or cowed by the threats of the White Mantle. In the spirit of the new, reborn Kryta, it is time to put those dark days behind us. Now is the time for rebuilding, not retribution. Now is the time for forgiveness, not vengeance. Let us all face this new era together, without hate in our hearts.

In that spirit, we hereby announce the formation of a new army for the defense of the whole of Kryta and for all humans who call Kryta their home. Honoring the winged goddess who protected us in our final battle against the fiends who had usurped our kingdom, this new group will be called the Seraph, and the valiant Bartholos shall be their commander. In this new army, common citizens and former members of the White Mantle and Shining Blade will serve side-by-side. You will know the Seraph by the wings that adorn their helms and shields, and by their resolute defense of our land. They shall be the protectors of Kryta.

Know this, my countrymen: never again will we stand by while another Krytan suffers. Never again shall we allow inhuman evil to fester and grow amongst us! Never again will the Krytans turn their back on their heritage and their gods! Let a new age dawn, an age of justice and peace for all Krytans!

Also check out the war in kryta page.

Got my new hat from the dragon festival. Pretty happy with my new Sinister Dragon Mask.

Also did some Factions missions over the weekend with my prophecies character. I became Weh no Su.

The guild wars dragon festival is on Thursday, July 1st to Sunday, July 4th.

It also features a visit from the Emperor himself 🙂

Audience with the Emperor: On Sunday, July 4th, Emperor Kisu himself will appear every two hours in Shing Jea Monastery to start the final reenactment of the festival, which features master actors in traditional Canthan theater masks. If this historical reenactment is completed successfully, the Emperor will express his satisfaction with a generous gift to all those who have gathered 250 Victory Tokens during the festival. If the Emperor is not pleased, things will not go as well…

I keep checking in for War in Kryta updates. The little stories are fun.

By Murro

Over the past few days in Lion’s Arch I have noticed just as many adventurers and bounty hunters departing for the provinces on missions against the White Mantle, but I have also noticed more than a few parties of adventurers returning to the capital broken and defeated. It would seem that many of the White Mantle agents who are the subject of these bounties are more formidable than anticipated.

As an example, take the young warrior Aretes Kenjo and his group of fellow adventurers, who were unsuccessful in their attempt to dispatch Destor the Truth Seeker, a White Mantle officer. The dejected would-be heroes, so full of vim and confidence a few days earlier, now staggered back into Lion’s Arch, bloodied and battered.

“We didn’t think he’d be so powerful…” the dazed Aretes Kenjo said as he stumbled past.

When asked if he and his group would attempt another bounty, the young warrior just looked at this scribe and said nothing. The haunted look in his eyes told me that the answer was no.

The guild wars wiki also covers a lot of the new content.

Read about the guild wars stand against bots.

As with this current round of enforcement, we may ban users of a particular hack in batches in order to better disguise our methods, but there is no expiration date for breaches of the User Agreement or RoC. If you cheat today, your account may be terminated at any time in the future.

Massively also has a post on the recent banning by Dhuum of 3700 accounts.

Here’s an actual account we just terminated: 2,469 hours, 38 titles, 913 plat, 268 ecto, Eternal Legendary Vanquisher monument, Mini Gwen, Chaos Gloves, Mallyx’s Strife, The Holy Avenger, etc., etc. It’s all gone now. Forever.

I feel sad for the little mini gwen, gone with her parent into oblivion.

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