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Luna Online: Apprentice event

Posted on: September 14, 2009

The dragon Tarintus is the greatest threat the Blue Land has ever seen!

Thankfully, the mage Farouk has created a new device that may be able to seal the rift in the Dark Portal and trap Tarintus in the Distorted Crevice forever!

Farouk has sent his apprentice to Mont Blanc Port to test the device, but he needs the greatest heroes the Blue Land has to offer to protect his young apprentice and make sure he gets to the Dark Portal and back safely. The more successful the mission, the bigger the EXP boost the server will receive.

Sounds like fun. I’m not sure what level you need to be and how many friends are needed.

When and Where:
Crescent Server
Monday, September 14th – 3:00pm PDT
Thursday, September 17th – 3:00pm PDT

Eclipse Server
Tuesday, September 15th – 3:00pm PDT
Friday, September 18th – 3:00pm PDT

How to Participate:
Gather your friends and guildmates and meet Farouk’s apprentice in Mont Blanc Port at 3:00pm PDT. Escort him to the Dark Portal and back safely and fight off any threats that arise on his journey.

If the apprentice’s journey is a safe one, the entire server will receive a 1.5x EXP boost until 10:00am PDT the next morning. Each time Farouk’s apprentice dies, however, the EXP reward drops by 10%. Keep the apprentice safe for the biggest possible boost!

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