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Luminary: Beginners guide

Posted on: August 25, 2009

I found this really good guide on the forums. Please take a look and read the comments.

1. You get the following benefit when you reach the level required.
– Level 15. Able to mount a horse[Which is a brown foal by default and cant be trained]
-Level 20.  Get 100k marble for a resettle fund and you are able to summon.
-Level 30. Get another 100k and able to apply for town chief and do mining and farming.

2. You get you’re first summons at level 20 by right clicking on the evil raccoon dolls(Which is not 100% guarantee success summoning).

3. About summons…
When you get your first summon (By default, Evil raccoon…), its best that you set your summon to standby mode because the summons is still weak… To make your summons become stronger, you need to evolve it which is to spend 100k buying 10 evolution tickets…

When your summons die, in order to revive it, you need to have the correct amount of summon dolls (Of the same kind as the summons that you want to revive)… Example: To revive a lvl 25 Shaman Ladybug, I need 25 shaman ladybug dolls…

For the first 10 level’s, when the players dies, you are revive at hanyang… not the nearest town

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