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Checkout this lodestone article with map’s and instructions.

From Limsa Lominsa to Ul’dah
First, make your way to the ferry docks located on the lower decks of Central Limsa Lominsa (just beyond Hawkers’ Alley). Speak with the fellow at the counter to receive your free boarding ticket, and then proceed through the gate. You will automatically board the ferry before it leaves port.
In approximately ten minutes (earth time), the ferry will arrive in Vesper Bay.

I think you can not get through the dock until your at a certain point in the city quest. Perhaps to stop yourself getting killed. I think also a quest requires you to go to vesper bay.

You can travel without having done a quest. You just need to run up to the gates until you get an icon like for a gathering node or a door. You will also auto get on the boat if your about to board the boat when the boat starts to leave.

Step 2: East on the Sunway.
Once you have arrived in western Thanalan and disembarked the ferry, exit the dock area and follow the Royal Allagan Sunway east to central Thanalan. If you are feeling adventurous, take a slight detour and attune with the aetheryte located in Camp Horizon (13. 29). You won’t regret it!

Step 3: South on the Starway.
Midway through central Thanalan, you will come to a road leading south. This is the Royal Allagan Starway, and it can be taken all the way to the gates of Ul’dah. On the way, do not forget to attune with the aetheryte at Camp Black Brush (27. 25).

Ok is it just me or is this a little weird.

One of the first things that needed repair was the characters underwear. Now you can not remove it and it has to be removed to be repaired. So you really need two sets.

However its not easy to make new underwear or cheap. So I had to get a guildy to help me out, they had an extra set, lent it to me, I gave them the mats, they repaired mine and I swapped back to mine and handed the extra set back to the guildy. Follow all that? Think its odd and slightly ick??

Well umm ..yah.

Also it appears it does not get better. In fact the game lets you buy used underwear cheaply in one of the cities.

Soooo hmm.
I get realism, I really do, but this is rather, WTF !?!

Anyway just a crazy story from the game that I felt the need to share.

/linkshell [/l]
to speak to you linkshell (guild)

/shout [/sh]
to shout

/tell [/t]
to whisper one person

to speak to your party

to say it out loud

How to set what your default chat is. Usually a good idea to set this to linkshell

/chatmode say
/chatmode shout
/chatmode linkshell

A. The colored, glowing graphics provides players with a large hint toward a successful synthesis.

When the glow is white, the synthesis is at its most stable, and the chances of success are high.
When the glow takes on a color, however, the chances of success are low.

The developers have recommended

Players seeking simple completion of their synthesis rather than high-quality results should attempt to use the Wait command when the indicator is colored to restore the stability of the synthesis before finishing it.

See more crafting tips

You can take a screenshot by pressing Scroll Lock + Print Screen.
It also takes away the hud.

There are also some FFXIV pictures on TTHammer you can look at.

The command to look at yourself

What are those stars beside regional leve’s??
A. It matters for the completion bonus

Q. How do I increase the number of ☆ marks?
A. Either of the following two methods may be used to increase the number of ☆ marks.
Exchange for a regional leve with a different issuing authority (☆ +1)Exchange for a regional leve with a different motif (☆ +1)
Increasing the number of ☆ marks related to a leve’s reward in no way influences its degree of difficulty, nor impacts it in any other adverse way.

Q. What should I do if I want to place a completion bonus on a regional leve?
A. When exchanging regional leves, a completion bonus will be attached should the number of ☆ marks be more than one. The bonus will be greater the larger the number of ☆ marks, up to a maximum of eight.

How do I determine an enemy’s strength?
A. Moving the target cursor to an enemy will not only display its name, but a colored icon that represents the target’s relative strength.

Red :Very tough
(there are several shades of red, the darker the red, the tougher the opponent)
Orange : Tough
Yellow : Even match
Green : Decent challenge
Blue : Easy prey

If the player is in a party, the icon will adjust to the strength of the party. The same is true if the target is in a party.

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