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Fallen Earth: Patch notes

Posted on: April 22, 2010

You can read the patch notes 1.3.11 on the fallen earth forum.

You can now duel. Though the broadcast may be annoying, however it is only local chat.

Dueling System
We hope you’ve got some practice from the PTS as fellow wastelanders will now have the ability to challenge you to a full-on brawl anywhere outside the PvP zones! If you’re successful, you’ll enjoy a local broadcast publicizing your feat!

New Gallows is updated.

We’ve all heard that New Gallows has been taken over by Human League reinforcements and now you’ll have a chance to head over there and check it out for yourselves. This first stage of the town revamp means new missions and reward items, so be sure to visit Gallows before it’s reactivated as a conflict town in patch 1.4!

Rifles got a bit of a boost again.

Changed rifle Melee Defense penalties to scale based on subtype. For example, Sniper Rifles and Crossbows maintain the -60 penalty, while Battle Rifles have had their penalty reduced to -30, and Assault Rifles and Shotguns are likewise reduced to -15. Heavy Weapons such as the rocket launcher retain their -60 Melee Defense penalty. Special enhanced crafted versions may cut these penalties further as appropriate.

There is a few bad points, like crafting xps going down for vehicles and books.


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