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Free Realms

Posted on: April 24, 2009

We can talk about it now 🙂 And I am in the beta.

There are two races, fairys and humans. I made a human.  If your not a member you are allowed 1 character. If you are a member you can have 3.

If you have sony station access for everquest and everquest 2, then you are already a member. I am not, but its a nice deal if I decide on it later on.

You have jobs, so you can be every class if your a member. If your not a member you can have about half the classes. Most of the member classes seem more designed for dungeons. Most of the non member classes are more casual.

There are mini games. Some are fun. Some get a bit dull. I like the cook class but I can never make the times trials for any of the food recipes.

One quest involved doing one mini game 9 times. People were not very happy with that quest.

You can explore, but you cant pick ingredients everywhere. Its only in certain spots.

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