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In Perfect World to be able to turn into a fox, firstly you need to be a venomancer /were fox/ Huli jing. They are only female and are a pet class and a tanking class and can pull a mob.

Then at level 9, do the quest “spiritual cultivation”, then go back to your trainer and buy the skill. You can find the trainer in any untamed or general aligned city’s. The trainer is the one standing beside the pet skill trainer. Often there are a lot of people and vender’s near there.

Then press “R” and drag the skill into your skill bar. Press once to turn into a fox and once to turn back.

If you still can not turn into a fox, make sure you have a weapon equipped. Any weapon will do.

To get the cultivation quest.
Check your quest log (hit ‘q’). Cultivation quests are in gold/yellow at the very bottom of the log. If you do not see it, you should have already done it.

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