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New items are out, including money plants and Treeble Pets.

But what good is a Jackpot Plant if you can’t share it? Your friends can help water your plants to earn coins and add to your harvest as well! Each plant can be watered by a friend each 15 minutes. A player can water up to 25 plants belonging to friends in a 24 hour period. When a friend waters your Jackpot Plant they will get 50 coins!

Once you place a Jackpot Plant in your house, it cannot be returned to your inventory. You can harvest the plants once a day (as long as it has been watered the day before) for up to 30 days. After that, it will transform into (and show up in your inventory) as a Golden Jackpotted Plant that can be placed as a housing decoration.

So after 30 days it no longer gives money but you have a nice gold tree for your house. Some are saying that its an expiring consumable so that is why they won’t buy. I would be in that camp.

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