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I hit 35 over the weekend. You get the quest from Éogar, son of Hadorgar at the Bree-land Horse field. The quest did not actually show up until I clicked on him for me.

Getting the skill involves 4 quests. The first 3 involves bringing a certain horse to a stable master in a certain town. The towns are Bree (the near gate to the horse fields), Michel delving, and Othrikar in north downs.

I’d recommend checking your path on the map before you leave. I did that and had no problem doing in during the time allowed.

The last one involves doing a race around the farm. The only tricky thing about that is finding the gates and going the right direction. The first gate is the one in front of where the horse/pony is (the main gate) not the one behind Éogar. You might need to do this once/twice to be sure of the path. You could probably avoid this by finding the path before hand.

Once that is done and handed in, you can buy a horse. I already had my goat from pre-ordering Mirkwood too.

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