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I have been farming for my Wyvern armor from Droknar’s Forge. Morgren is willing to sell but he is not cheap. Lots and Lots of iron ingots are needed. So I am farming areas, and everything is salvage that not a green or yellow.

I also bought a gold sword for 3 plat, its not cheap but its a big upgrade and 3 plat is not that hard to get. I know I should aim for green, but I will see if this will do.

I will also want to rune everything up and customize the sword for my warrior. Currently I am not yet on the dobbleganger quest, I still have to get to the areas to do the 3 missions before it. I can’t find the areas and I am dieing a lot so I guessed I needed to upgrade up a bit.

Once the farming for gear is done I will need to farm some good skills. Eilte skills look a lot of work to do. The high level quest reward ones look hard work too.

I have some alts in the other campaigns now, but I still think Prophecies seems to be the most fun.

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