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The new experience in final fantasy XI is rough. I find it hard to maneuver the character, hard to find my way around, hard to find the menus even hard to install the game.

Its interesting, its different to many other mmorpg and gives a more console feel. But its not easy, I’m finding it tougher than than the eve beginner experience.

Their Starlight festival seems to be out, but I have no idea if I can locate the quest givers. I look at the map but I can’t scroll in or out to see a world map.

Rog posted this commentary on guild wars in 2009 verses when he first tried it in 2005.

Its an interesting read as I also jumped into this game late and found it fun. I agree with the writer on the game knows what it is and thats a good thing.

Later on in the game you can also choose to completely clear areas of mobs and I think thats very cool. I really like the heroes and hench-people. They are fun. Also there really is a lot of content.

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