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Posted on: October 19, 2010

Bodes rather ill for free to play lotro

DDO: European players are still hanging in Limbo

It has dropped a little off the radar, so let’s catch up with how the transfer of European DDO accounts from Codemasters to Turbine is going.
Essentially, it isn’t.
On August 19th, 2010, the European Dungeons and Dragons Online servers were shut down, meaning that the characters that European players have been playing since launch were lost to us. We are still waiting for our characters to be transferred, as promised, to the US servers.

I think I have said several times I don’t like how codemaster treats their players and how they support lotro. However from this, it looks like turbine is not very interested in the players of european servers* either.

*because everyone knows that the south africian’s can sometimes outnumber the swedes in lotro/wow/dnd in europe, so no point not mentioning them.

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