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Jade Dynasty: Vengeance

Posted on: August 13, 2010

There is a video for Jade Dynasty Vengeance to see. You can also check out all the news on the expansion page.

The Celan faction is the absolute embodiment of grace and elegance. With superior capability as a support healer as well as various blessing and curse skills the Celan is sure to prove their worth in a variety of situations.

A unique aspect of this particular class is their choice of ornately crafted zithers as their primary weaponry. The haunting melodies that they strum will often prove to be a funeral dirge for their enemies!

So like a cleric-bard.

The Rayan is one of the five offspring, that share the blood of the Gods. Their unbreakable loyalty results in them being a mysterious faction. Their origins are not completely known. A true Rayan will never be boastful or prioritize their needs over the Gods. They lurk in the shadows, always unknown to friend and foe. Their ultimate goal, is to hunt. To achieve their objective they slice the competition with fearsome blows. They will even sacrifice themselves to dominate an enemy. This perseverance is the key to their success.

Fearsome close combat ability
Ability to stealth, which in turn gives them their power
When not stealthed, they become easy targets for the enemy

The Rayan is unique because it has a Meter Bar or Combo bar that is used for high damage skills

Your shadow ability will allow you to call upon numerous shadow warriors, clones of yourself, to aide you in combat and deal awesome damage to your foes. They will even protect you from harm, if you command them to do so!

So like a rogue.


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