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Guild wars: War in kryta

Posted on: June 11, 2010

I keep checking in for War in Kryta updates. The little stories are fun.

By Murro

Over the past few days in Lion’s Arch I have noticed just as many adventurers and bounty hunters departing for the provinces on missions against the White Mantle, but I have also noticed more than a few parties of adventurers returning to the capital broken and defeated. It would seem that many of the White Mantle agents who are the subject of these bounties are more formidable than anticipated.

As an example, take the young warrior Aretes Kenjo and his group of fellow adventurers, who were unsuccessful in their attempt to dispatch Destor the Truth Seeker, a White Mantle officer. The dejected would-be heroes, so full of vim and confidence a few days earlier, now staggered back into Lion’s Arch, bloodied and battered.

“We didn’t think he’d be so powerful…” the dazed Aretes Kenjo said as he stumbled past.

When asked if he and his group would attempt another bounty, the young warrior just looked at this scribe and said nothing. The haunted look in his eyes told me that the answer was no.

The guild wars wiki also covers a lot of the new content.


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