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Fallen Earth: Cowboys and Cowgirls

Posted on: May 5, 2010

West karana was saying there should be a gunsmoke mmorpg.

Westerns were big in the fifties and sixties. REALLY big. As many different sorts of crime shows are on today, were how many westerns were on back then.

I think there already is. To me fallen earth is gives the wild west experience even if it really is weird wild west.

When I was little, the only thing I remember being on tv was the westerns. Old american tv was bought up cheap, sometimes translated and shown on foreign tv. I remember watching john wayne and the lone ranger and zorro. My earliest knowledge of america was probably based off these westerns.

Riding a horse in fallen earth, with my rifle and cowboy hat and brown jackets brings back those memories.

Probably what we are really waiting for is a Native American rpg, where we can defend lands against those invaders. Picking off cowboys with arrows or rifles 🙂 Winning the battle that the native tribes couldn’t do at the time due to the technological advantages of their enemies.

Doing a straight up western MMOrpg as an adult does not work. You look at the cowboys and think your the bad guys, the invaders, we need to make it post-appoc to make it ok. When the cowboys are fighting mutants and zombies and mutated animals you don’t think of actual history.

Us bad players can then take many sides, fighting zombies and mutants as pseudo cowboys in fallen earth, and fighting the english and settlers if they ever did a Native American rpg. Before there was nazi’s and russians there was the red coats. History gives us great settings and interesting worlds to create.


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