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Fallen Earth: Pets with storage space

Posted on: May 4, 2010

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Pets with storage space are planned.

Noticed the wasteland mutt has ‘storage slots” in info tab, are there plans for pets with storage down the line?
[Wes] Curses, you noticed! Yes, indeed, we do have plans to provide pets with storage space. The new mutt was a sort of proof-of-concept for that functionality. Now that we’ve got the basics down, we’ll start thinking about shining it up.

Player housing is intended but we don’t have a date for it.

Is construction being expanded in the upcoming months/year? *cough* player owned houses maybe? *cough*
[Wes] Yes, construction will be expanded as the game continues to evolve. Yes, we are dead set on providing player housing. What shape that system will take is still a matter of some development.

Your going to need to make friends with some bad people for the blight wolf mount. No word on if you can become friends with them, get the mount they ignore them again.

The Blight Wolf mount is based on making friends with the Shiva’s Favored in Deadfall, by completing a series of missions for them.

No word on where we will get the prairie chicken, but you might need to be a crafter.

We’re not set on the requirements for the Prairie Chicken just yet. Nature’s certainly not an unreasonable idea.

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