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Fallen Earth: News on patch 1.4

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Massively has a write up on patch 1.4 for fallen earth. Well worth a read.

Currently in game I think I have done most of the Oilville quests.

However I am also trying to level my crafting. I may need to move area to get enough copper and lead.

That’s right, this patch will bring an increased level cap of 50, six new instances, and 130 new missions to help you gain level 50. The Fallen Earth team has also added brand new crafting recipes, armor, weapons — as well as new creatures to use the weapons on.

2 Responses to "Fallen Earth: News on patch 1.4"

I’m excited about the new patch, but I have one question:

Has the server been down, like, all day today? I can’t seem to get on. Keeps saying my connection is bad, despite the fact that I’m surfing the web. I dunno, it just seems like they should just have to boot off everyone, put the patch up, and let people download it. Doesn’t seem a couple hours worth of stuff.

Ignore that. The server was having a hiccup and is back on.

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