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Lotro: Spring festival fun

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Had some fun in the spring festival last night. I did a good few of the spring quests.

The drunken balance game (Bullroarer’s challenge) in the shire was funny. You get drunk then have to cross a fence and not fall off. Some of the fence is broken and you have to jump that bit. It was funny seeing the big men in plate and the heavily armored dwarves doing the game. Its a lot less odd to see the elves crossing. They look less like they will break the fence when the fall off. My reward for all that is a barrel of alcohol for my house 🙂

I also ran around picking flowers for a man who wanted them for his love. Its amusing but takes you around the world. Once its completed you can collect flowers for presents that can contain nice items.

I am planning to do some Shrew-Stomping tonight. I was in the new area for it yesterday and it looked fun.

i’m still not level 35 and I have no idea when I will reach it so the horse from the festival isn’t too much of a worry. There is two horses available the Blue Roan Steed and the old one.

I have not tried the hedge maze quests yet but this map is supposed to be useful


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