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Free Realms: Pirates Plunder

Posted on: March 19, 2010

The new pirate minigame is due out today

Pirate’s Plunder is scheduled for release this Friday (March 19th 2010)

What is it?

Pirate’s Plunder puts you at the wheel of your own pirate ship in an action-packed race to collect treasure.

What else are we seeing?
Free Realms insider interviewed David Georgeson (the new sr producer) and he said

I can announce that “Pirate’s Plunder” is the next 3-D mini-game that will be out later this week! In addition to the launch of this extremely cool game there are also new pirate-oriented clothing and housing items available, new characters around the world, and just generally awesome pirate-ish-ness going on. (You know you need a pirate ship outside your house, right? Yarr!)


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