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Posted on: March 18, 2010

I played some guild wars yesterday and got my warrior to 15.

I finished the Gates of Kryta mission where you get a home for the refugees.

The Justiciar Hablion was very cool. Guild wars is great for the mix of cultures and races. However its still super cool to see a black knight in shining gold armor. Your reminded of the Moors of Spain, and the knights in Africa that still existed after the knights in europe were all gone.

I am really enjoying the plot in guild wars. I am trying to remind myself I can play it again so there is no harm in rushing the plot with my warrior.

I also got my one year birthday miniature and bought a second miniature for 1 platinum. The birthday one is ugly, the one I bought is a slightly cuter monster. I am going to save up and buy more. The usual price I am hearing is around 5k (5 platinum).

Update: Justicar Hablion may turn out to one of the bad guys later on 😦 ah well. You can still enjoy the quests however.


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