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Atlantica Online: The Empress Himiko

Posted on: March 18, 2010

There is a new mercenary out for Atlantica Online, the empress himiko

This month we are proud to feature our newest addition to Atlantica Online, The Empress Himiko. She is a new bow wielding mercenary that is beneficial to any team’s formation. Players will have an array of choices on obtaining this new mercenary.Such as purchasing the recruitment items from an NPC, or venturing forth into our new Squad Dungeon, the Haunted Tatami Room located in the Shogun Castle of Death.

The new Squad Dungeon can be entered by first going through the Shogun Castle of Death. This dungeon will allow a squad of up to 15 people to enter and get the materials necessary to recruit the Empress. Players will be able to obtain the dungeon key by purchasing it from NPC Nikola in exchange for Atlantis Coins, and the key will be only useable by the squad leader.

Also remember the bonus xp weekends

Bonus Experience
Every Weekend
All servers will be granted 150% Bonus Experience every Saturday and Sunday in March.
Don’t miss this great opportunity and make sure you’re online.


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Hello!!I’m Japanese.
I playing “Atlantica Online” in Japan.
I have a question><

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