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Weekend Gaming

Posted on: March 15, 2010

I played a lot of different games over the weekend. I played Free Realms, leveling my warrior job a bit. I looked at the new items but did not pick anything up.

I played wizard 101 and did some quests on my life wizard. I think I am nearly finished the zone I am in.

I played my rifle girl in Fallen Earth and spent some time crafting and gathering and questing. I am getting comfortable with using the rifle and moving but I think I still miss a bit too often.  One quest offered me a cowboy hat, but I am currently wearing what looks like a brown cowboy hats so I did not want to change.

I tried out puzzle pirates which was great fun (and is free to play). I also tried to try out another game but it would not run with vista. I also tried Trickster Online which was fun (and is also free to play).

I signed up for the lego universe beta.

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