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Lotro: Codemaster trouble again

Posted on: March 15, 2010

I talked two friends into playing lotro with me this weekend. Due to the difficulty in buying the box here, it was going to be net purchases to play. Both had tried the trial so knew they like the game.

One bought a three in one premium edition, logged in and found that he could not see fellowship chat (so had to open a ticket). No reply of course for the length of time he spent gaming. He also had terrible lag.

He also mention that the details on the website are not very clear as if he googles for more information he gets details of items he will not get through buying online.

Standard Edition£29.99 / € 39.99Special Edition£34.99 / € 49.99
Both editions include:
The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™
Mines of Moria™ expansion
Siege of Mirkwood expansion
Extra item included in Special Edition:
LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack

He did not seem to get the extra item? unless thats the adventurers pack?

He also was annoyed to see he did not get the free 30 days without paying for another month.
Anyway, even with that he got off easy.

Our other friend did not get to play at all, which really upset him.
His 3v card was charged twice and said “approved” but he did not get the game. He was struggling with codemasters and checking with 3v all weekend, and it looks like it will be mid week at the earliest before its resolved.

He was very upset that he lost out on double the amount the game cost for the length of time before this is resolved.

I also tried to upgrade his account, but it still did not work (though mine was declined so i did not lose money). So we could not play with him 😦

Both also found it very difficult to find the accounts system until I talked them through it.

I like lotro. However It really seems that turbine should have supported it themselves in europe. I wonder how much of the lower subscriptions in europe is due to the poor website and support.

Anyway, maybe by next weekend we can play together. If it turns out we can’t I might pay for their copies of whatever other game we try to play to make up for it.

I have had trouble with codemaster support before, however I did not expect this level of problems again. Ugh. Why can’t it just be easy to buy and start playing the game? And if you have a problem later, they could clearly say what to do or how long it will take to fix.


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