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Lotro: Evendim

Posted on: March 11, 2010

I went to Evendim yesterday on my main after I finished a bree insect killing deed.  I wanted to take advantage of the bonus xp with some deed grinding in a “on-level” area or some quests in an “on-level” area.

Evendim seems a bit odd.  Part desert, part greenery, part ruins.  Its not very clear where the quest towns are after the hobbit village which I had completed previously.  I did find a salamander killing deed so I started on that. The salamanders were a bit tricky to kill as they set you on fire, but I was making good progress through them.

Previously in the evening I was playing my hobbit burglar and got her up two levels.  I was questing and doing some deeds in the Ered Luin area.  I was also doing the dwarven book quest but I found I needed to level a bit for the next one.

I came across a level 30 working his way through the Ered Luin deeds so we grouped for the killing of birds. We also headed down and killed our way through the bandits. It was very nice of him as he could kill a lot more quickly in the bandit area and it was much safer for him to do so. Another lowbie joined and we cleared the whole area about twice.

I saved his name in case I can return the favor by helping him out another time. Is true what they say that lotro players are lovely. I still remember actions of kindness from previous games. It really encourages you to do the same for others.

The guild I am in, on the other hand is on its death throws after some drama. I am going to feel bad for leaving it but that times is coming. They don’t seem to be able to sort out a re-organisation after 3 weeks or so. No one is online. Nothing is happening. Its a pity. Before the drama I really liked the guild.

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