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Fallen Earth: Leprechaun

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Interested in the Leprechaun event? I’m not. It seems a bit dull. However the wasteland itself is still fun.

How will I recognize the Leprechaun?

In true St. Patrick’s Day spirit, the Leprechaun will be wearing a green top hat, camo jacket and pants and green shirt! Yes, even Leprechauns have to make their own clothes in the apocalypse.

How long will the Leprechaun be present in game?
You may spot the Leprechaun in game between March 10 and 17.
When and where will the Leprechaun be roaming?

The Leprechaun will randomly appear at different locations throughout the Wasteland between March 10 and 17.

What should I do if I run into the Leprechaun?
Hide your valuables. Just kidding! Say hello of course!

What will I receive from the Leprechaun?
A lucky in-game Shamrock that provides a valuable buff!

How will I receive the Shamrock?
When you find the Leprechaun, you will receive the Shamrock through the player trade window.


2 Responses to "Fallen Earth: Leprechaun"

Sounds interesting, but it could be a trap.
There are some windows from which
you don’t come back. Believe me!
Ol’ Rainbow Eyes told me so.

Hello there! 🙂 UT

It could easily be a trap. I could see the developers finding it funny 🙂 Run up, get shot by the Leprechaun.

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