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Lotro: Deeds and Crafting

Posted on: March 8, 2010

I reached level 33 on my minstrel this weekend. I joined at least one skirmish a day.

I also did some deeds for coin and profit. I really should complete all the bree deeds and the lone land deeds. I finished some of both of them and did a few more quests in the lone lands but everything is not complete yet.

On my burgler I started looking at leveling cooking. I ended up on another alt learning to farm to get the food for the cook. Farming appears to be mostly a money sink. I see why its not recommended for a first character.  I did however get farming leveled a bit as well through this process.

The burgler is running around the dwarf area doing quests. Its a lot of running but I like the snowy area. I have updated her training and she now using duel swords.

I now have a burgler, warden, runekeeper and loremaster in the 10+ level range. It will give me some options when my partner and a friend start lotro again in a week or so.  Depending on what class they pick, I can pick something suitable to level with them.

Its a pity you can not give friends a port to friends house spell. It would be handy if I could give them that and let them us my house as a base for the early levels. However I intend to get the guild I am in to recruit them and the guild house is near bree, which is helpful.

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