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Free Realms: What is the coin wheel?

Posted on: February 23, 2010

If you have been playing recently you may have seen a coin wheel popping up on your screen.

Where does it come from?
The festival of hearts update

How do you get it?
Be logged in for at least 30 minutes in day.

How much can I win?
The max is 5000, but 500 seems a more common reward.

Does the power hour double the coins?

What happens if you land on a robgoblin?
One person reported getting smelly socks, another dress shoes so expect no coins.

When does it refresh?
It refreshes at midnight depending on your time zone.


1 Response to "Free Realms: What is the coin wheel?"

if you land on a robgoblin then you get soggy socks or dress shoes

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