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Lotro: Minstrel in dusk.

Posted on: February 18, 2010


Originally uploaded by warhammermer

I have been meaning to update on my lotro play. My minstrel hit 30 and discovered the world of skirmishes. I finished the tutorial and am now mixing in skirmishes and normal play. I hit 31 fast with the bonus xp.

While skirmishes are not easy with a minstrel character the xp rewards are very good. I will be sad when the xp goes down as it will no longer really be worth it for me.
(repair costs + difficult fight + tied to the screen = normal xp? umm no)

I have book quest to do but I have been enjoying exploring a new questing area in meluinen in north downs. I found the trolls near that by running through in my horse at night and aggroing them.


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