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Fallen Earth: Terrance

Posted on: February 16, 2010


Originally uploaded by warhammermer

I have finished North Burb and headed to Terrance. I’ve nearly finished Terrance too.

I think Terrance has improved since the beta, however it still feels like a second town more than a starter town.

Land deeds drop from gully dogs that count as scrap paper. The tech nodes near the diggers drop broken glass. Both which are rare elsewhere in sector 1.

I’ve two starting towns left (depot 66 and zanesville). I might however do the oilville, embry, odenville loop for the motorcyle (i think) and the challenge. then come back to depot 66 and zanesville.

I made some scraps of armor for my armors and turned down some wellys that would have been boot upgrades (dont like the look).

I have scouted out oilville already, and found myself a sand wyrm that I came out the worse against. Level 8 monster boss verses level 11 toon and it was a hairs breath who would die.


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