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Free Realms: Cash shop thoughts

Posted on: February 12, 2010

Tobold used free realms recently as an example of bad cash shop

like buying the best available weapon in Free Realms, making the smithing profession obsolete

I was left wondering a few things.
1. Is this a basic mistake based on the idea of a game that is intended to be child friendly should be the same as a game aimed at adults? Is making easy mode weapons you can get for a young child a bad thing?
2. Can you still get those? I think they have been removed from the cash shop? They were not the best any more recently either as I’ve seen thread complaining about it.
3. Does it matter someone took an easy mode to max a combat class in Free Realms? The leet players are more seen as those with all the classes capped, cool items from drops (old drops now) and all the collections. Nothing to do with combat jobs.
4. Who are we competing against? There is dueling, but there is no reward for it. There is dungeons but its not the be all an end all of guild life.


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