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DDO: Updates

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Update 3 has been out for a bit.
The Risia Ice Games look fun.

The Harbor
An ice skating rink is available at the base of the Lighthouse!
The ice jump begins at the top of the Harbor cliff behind the Harbormaster’s House!

House Phiarlan
An icy half-pipe is available at the back of the Bogwater Tavern!

Collect the floating white, blue, and purple ice coins and trade them with the powerful wizard, Jack Frostbite, for wondrous icy gifts, crafting recipe cards, and frosty ingredients for the Risian Eldritch Device at the Lighthouse! Jack can be found at the Bogwater half-pipe or by the Lighthouse ice rink helping to keep the ice cold!

Also they have a DDO Valentines Screenshot Contest. It runs from February 10th through February 21st. The prize is 500 Turbine Points.

Are you in the mood for love? Can you feel the romance all around you in the game? Then now is the perfect time to enter our DDO Valentines Screenshot Contest! Send us your Valentine-themed screenshots and a short description (100 words or less) , and you could win 500 Turbine Points! Entries will be accepted in the following categories…

Here are some tips for taking screenshots:
The number pad or right mouse button can be used to adjust the camera angle
F11 or CTRL-P takes your screenshot
Screenshots are stored in My Documents/Dungeons & Dragons Online
Alt-Z will remove the UI, and V will remove floaty names


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