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Lotro: Volume III, Book I Preliminary Release Notes

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Some fishing changes are coming in. I think they all look good and will add to the fishing experience.

We have made some changes to the fishing advancement system. In general, fishing skill advancement should be a bit more consistent and quicker, particularly at higher levels of skill.
Regional fishing treasure profiles have been significantly altered. Many types of fish can only be caught in certain regions now, making it easier overall to catch the specific fish you are looking for. Some types of rare fish related to barter rewards and/or deeds have been moved to new regions entirely, and may not be available in regions they could previously be caught in.
Vendors do not sell bait items anymore, as these items are no longer used to enhance the chances of catching a fish

We are also getting to add notes to friend and ignore lists. That will be useful

Players may now add notes to their friend and ignore lists.

They are also adding duoing skirmishes

Duo mode is now available for skirmishes!
Certain skirmishes will now give you an option to play as a 2 person group.

See the full patch notes. Remember they can change.


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