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More people like to play as a woman

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Check out brocodaily’s polls for mass effect.

Now while the difference between male and female toon is not very much (49 play male, 51 play female). <3% should be taken space for error.  It does seem to indicate that players enjoy choice.

It also seems to indicate that women in general play as women, and men in general play as men. However it seems nearly as many men play as a woman, as women do.

I wonder how many men play as a woman because they have the choice and are getting that same old, same old feel from the Standard bulky shaved head white hetro guy.

I wonder how many play as a women because they can not make a slim/wiry man (like themself) and do not identify with bulky mcshave head squarejaw.

I wonder how many of the women do not play because they think the women designs are over-sexualised so do not identify with the character and do not see it as heroic?

The results when I checked them were

Male Playing Male
41%(94 votes)
Female Playing Female
27%(62 votes)
Male Playing Female
24%(55 votes)
Female Playing Male
6%(14 votes)
Who is Shepard?
1%(2 votes)

Male to Female Gamers
This is a poll to discover the Ratio of male to female gamers for the Mass Effect Universe.
59%(374 votes)
38%(242 votes)
4%(23 votes)

Even with the weaknesses of ea/bioware, the numbers do seem to say that whoever we are, we like a choice and want our heroes interesting.


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