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Fallen Earth: South Burb

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Reached South Burb and level 10 over the weekend. I also took a brief trip into Embry Crossroad’s.

South Burb has a lot of vistas in it. I like the farms, I like the scenery. I can see why its the most popular starting town. The little tiny angry chicken was very funny. It became funner when I read on local chat that he killed someone and their horse.

I spent some more time trying to cap all my crafting (beyond construction). Not quite there yet. I will have to think about starting to use my rifle skill soon so I’d like to have Ballistic and Science capped for that.

I’m also thinking that at some point I will learn how to craft an atv, and do so. I might do this after I finish the starter towns, or as a side project.

I have looked into a few bunker bars. Mostly empty so far and a bit out of the way but nice for them to be there and they have their own strange style.


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