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Fallen Earth: Those preachers in mumford

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Mumford I think has the most decisions needed from a starting zone point of view.

Some of the decisions are do I want to do this quest or not as it appears what you are doing is bad.

I have not finished it all in last nights play session but I can’t say the plot isn’t interesting.

I now have a nice new jacket and sadly said good bye to my good old duster. I am thinking of keeping it for rp.

I also got to see someone with a car yesterday. It must be a two guildy’s traveling in it as they were questing together.

I have seen a lot of ravenwood around, and seen some pvp videos mocking them for their pvp ability’s. They seem like nice folks though. So maybe they are mainly pve.

Don’t read the next bit if you don’t want to hear about any plot.

Two preachers are dead because of me, and to be honest I’m tempted to kill the third for setting me up. If I get a chance, I will.

There is one person who wants me to help him and his quests are getting worse and worse. Poisoning is the next bit. I’m thinking of telling him where to shove it. Then again xps are xps and ill miss out on plot.

The little romance between the two scientists are cute. You get little things and bring it to the other one. Including the vegetarian curry thats made for or of vegetarians.


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