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Taikodom: Outposts

Posted on: January 27, 2010

What is an outpost?
An outpost is like a space station. There is different things they do that depends on their level (1-5). A basic feature is they allow storage.

What types of outpost are there?
3 types, habitate, military and industrial.

How do I get one?

In order to purchase one, the corporation CEO must choose an available Outpost, dock in it, and contact James Alfred, a NPC who will guide the purchasing process.

How often do I have to pay upkeep?
Every 30 days. Any member can pay.

If I don’t pay what happens?
You have 15 more days to pay then you lose the outpost. The outpost goes back to level 1 and you also lose any items stored there.

How many can a corporation have?

Each corporation is allowed to have a maximum of five Outposts.

When can I buy one that someone else has?

Any corporation may buy the already purchased Outposts that become available due to abandonment by a corp or default in maintenance payment. To do so, the CEO must contact James Alfred and follow the required steps.

Outposts are released from time to time for clans to claim.

You can also see the thread on outposts in the forum if you can read portuguese.


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