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Cop on or the job requirement of having to think

Posted on: January 27, 2010

It’s unfortunate that video game bloggers think it’s such a chore to expect game designers to consider the sensitivities and standard variance in the people who play their games. I think that’s what they’re paid to do – know their audience, create fun and meaningful experiences for them, and do so within the budget and timelines given. If a designer isn’t in it to do something meaningful within their medium for people who aren’t JUST LIKE THEM, they should probably do something else for their paycheck. : borderhouse

This is super true. If your a web designer and you want to get a job you are required to have studied accessibility and have a general idea of the law regarding it. If you did not do that in your college degree you have studied it after college. Why? Because why would anyone hired someone who is not an expert in that? Its a basic thing. More customers means more money.

So why hire a games designer who can’t vary their characters? Or a graphic artist who can’t create different types of models?

Most people like seeing someone like them in a game. This is because most games are based on escapism. Even if you don’t want to make someone like you, a larger range gives more options for you to play with.

More choices = better = more players = more money.

If I had a team who brought me the designs and I was not seeing different types of people and different types of clothes, I would fire them. This is the basics. This is preventing bad press. This is encouraging more players. This makes the localization teams lives easier.

Regarding sexuality its a bit tricker. However I fall on the side of the fence where you give the players the different options (M:M, F:F, M:F or X:X:X (where x can be M and/or F)) and they run with it from there.

I know that some countries have issues over this but that can be localized for the despots/religious right.

What, did we cure that too?
Games: A Social Responsibility
Do Game Designers Have A Social Obligation?

Update: I thought it might be nice to mention what sorts of characters I play. In fallen earth I play a black women, and a women with red hair and blue face paint that looks like she is celtic or norse.
In jade dynasty I play a asian woman. In Perfect world I play a panda untamed male. In lotros I have an elf male with with long black hair and pale skin, I also have a red hair human female. I like having a choice.

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