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Fallen Earth: Now in mumford

Posted on: January 25, 2010

I’ve finished boneclaw and am now in mumford. Where boneclaw was a hole in the ground, mumford has a religious feel. With preachers on one side of town and settlers and scientists on the other.

It makes you think of the religious fanatic nature of the deep south, which is vaguely unsettling to the foreigner. My toon has dark skin which makes me think all the more that they would run me out of town, instead however they seem to enjoy using clones as pawns.

Someone commented on chat about how they did not see many dark skinned npcs. Another person joked thats due to their limited art department. I will admit, like the holywood western the culture is limited, even with the sub ideas in the factions, without the huge variance you see the real world.

I’m not sure that a game can show that properly, but seeing a group that seems to be more decended for afro-americaica ideas might be cool. Or native americian ideas.

Maybe for an expansion? We leave the current sectors and run into a huge block thats another culture?

Then again, even as I type I think how that could annoy people. Maybe its best just to annoy whoever they are currently annoying.

I like the giant lizards you get to fight. They look cool and drop lots of ragged leather equivalent, so I am making sure I use it to upgrade some gear.

I now have a cowboy hat via crafting in mumford! Which is a delight.I also upgraded my crossbow and pistols before I left boneclaw.

See you Space Cowboy…


2 Responses to "Fallen Earth: Now in mumford"

wow, randomly browsing WordPress and I come across reference to an off-the-cuff Joke I made 😀
I’m cursed (blessed maybe) with a slight face-blindness. I never really recognise the colour of someone’s skin (consciously) until someone mentions it, so I’ve not really noticed the lack of African-American or Native American NPC’s. Since that conversation I’ve been looking out for them though.
I still haven’t seen many.
There’s one in Haven in sector 2 (The Light Bearers camp).
Reasons from GlobalTech having neo-nazi undertones to the idea that everyone in the province is descended from about 400 people (not including the clones) would see a washing out of colour and the prevalence of certain genetic traits (such as the dependence on clones to run errands).

The dependency on clones to run errands I think will be very wide spread in this new world 🙂

Still I don’t think it would hurt if when they do an expansion they change some of the culture in the new area. Guild wars did that and it worked well.

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