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Fallen Earth: How do I get a horse?

Posted on: January 23, 2010

Firstly If you do the extended tutorial you get a free horse. It is the old nag, it is not very fuel efficient so eats a lot. It also can not carry much (two spaces) but its a start.

From the /support file you can see this guide:

There are two ways to obtain a horse:

Build a horse:

To complete this crafting feat you will need to purchase Horse 1 from a nature trainer, should cost around 11 credits.
Once you have obtained the book you should learn it “Right click use on the book”, once learned if you press L you will see the Crafting window, under the nature tab you should see Horse 1 and it will tell you the materials needed to a horse.
The ragged leather can be obtained from killing and harvesting animals in the wild, the untrained horse can be obtained from a stable, the horse feed can also be obtained from a stable.
Once you have the materials load your Crafting window and build away. The whole operation will cost around 400 chips.
Tip: You might want to notice the Riding horse as it’s very cheap to upgrade your horse.

Buy a horse:

You can either find a stable and simply purchase the horse from the vendor or try to buy one from another Clone. This is an expensive option compared to crafting your own.

Massively also has a beginners guide to crafting a horse.

You can also look at this horse table from globaltech atlas to see what horse you really want to make.

Also this player tip is handy

There’s an NPC named Giovanni Contadino, in Odenville near the Cooking trainer. He has a repeatable quest where you can turn in 5 pieces of Tainted Meat for 2 pieces of Tainted Grain. It’s the cheapest way to get the main ingredients you need for Horse Feed.


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