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Mabinogi: Elf and Giant races

Posted on: January 22, 2010

I was reading this thread in the forums about the giant and elf races.

Apparently the game will start in europe with only humans, and then later on the elf and giant patch will arrive.

Starting first as a human means you can later on get 1 free elf card and 1 free giant card. You can buy more in the cash store.

From the mabinogi world site:

Obtaining an Elf

A human player will be given an Assistant Elf Card, which acts like a Free Basic Card, by allying with the elven race. To do so simply:
Talk to Castanea, and you will obtain the alliance keyword (if not already). Use it on her to obtain the Assistant Elf Card.
Break any alliance with the Giant race by using the “Elf and Giant” keyword with the leader of the race.
You may break the alliance at any time and still keep the Elf card/character.
Only one Assistant Elf Card is given per account (i.e. you cannot use a 2nd human character and get another card by allying with it too).
You will not be given a second Assistant Elf Card if you delete the assistant elf.
It doesn’t matter if you already have an Assistant Giant card. You can get both races as Assistant characters, however you can only ally once per 24 hours.
You cannot rebirth as a different race, even if you have a premium rebirth card.


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