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Lotro: A little bit of alting fun

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I had good fun playing lotro’s again last night.

I played my hobbit burgler and gained 2 levels. The shire does seems to have a good bit of running around, but since I have done it once before with my minstrel I can general pick which quest to do when and chain them if I like.

I have to ask an officer to invite two more of my alts at some point as I would like to hear the guild chat as I level them. My guild is alt friendly so it should not be an issue, its just the matter of asking the officer, writing down their name so I can spell it and swapping to the alt.

I’d like if there was a feature to view your guild from other characters to make for easy joining. Or to be able to share a friend list between characters (if it does that I haven’t noticed).

I also got to help out a guildie who was short on tin, and leveled my minstrel to 29. I am looking forward to skirmishes. Its a pity they are going to take away the xp buff for them. I can’t be sure how much I’ll get to play them before that goes away.

My guildie’s also gave me some tips to avoid the weathertop mission bugging again, so I’ll try that at the weekend.


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