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Fallen Earth: Boneclaw

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I’m getting bad at not vendoring extra items again, so my bags/bank and horse are pretty full with crafted items and mats. So a purge will be needed again (craft then sell to vendor).

I miss a little not having a heartstone/map/portal to an inn when I’m in the cave of beasts. Its a long run back when you intend to log out.

Looking at the rewards for the town event in Boneclaw they have some nice stuff. New shoulders and a melee weapon I can use and a better melee weapon I cant use (but that my melee character will be able to use so should come here for).

I also got a nice drop of a better gun that I’ve added to my equipped weapons. Wood isn’t that hard to find here either. There is once piece I have been collecting every time I run back to town.

Still its a hole in the ground, with huddled crazies hanging out there. If it was my clan’s rp home I’d look at them funny.

I have not joined a clan yet, I am on the look out for one that I will consider a home, some group of casual friendly rp players that I can hang out with. I’ve chatted with a few people that I have met running around or through helping them on the help channel, but no one I know well enough yet where I’d want to join there clan.

My friends like the look of the game but their pcs can’t run it. However they keep getting tempted to upgrade just for it, so they too can have their cowboy fun.


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