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Mabinogi: Open beta, no reset.

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Mabinogi Europe has announced when open beta is due. I highly highly recommend you try this game.

Hello, Mabinogians!

We have to admit that the anticipation has been huge after the closed beta and now
we are more than happy to announce that Mabinogi Europe’s open beta will
commence on January 27th!

As previously noticed, there will be much more content you can enjoy on the open beta;
Generation 2 will be released as the new addition to the mainstream storyline with
more intrigue quests and more skills, weapons, dungeons and maps will be
reveiled to enrich Mabinogi’s world.

Furthermore we have arranged a number of events to celebrate the launch of Mabinogi’s
open beta and to bring even more fun to the community.

The open beta is only one week away so get ready to join the fantasy life that’s as big as
your imagination.

We hope to see you all in the open beta!

Thank you,

* Notes

– We will sustain the characters created during the open beta stage, which means that
there will be no character wipe out or reset when Mabinogi is officially launched.

– A seperate announcement will be made to notify the exact start time of the open beta,
so keep your ears and eyes open to know when the servers go live.

– Mabinogi Europe Staff –


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