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Game design: Urgent Beginings

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Ofcourse wrote

But it is against this incredible, immediate sense of imminent peril that they then ask you to learn the game. And to do it by performing relatively menial and chores and tasks, and by reading incredibly large volumes of text which attempt to explain the game’s very complex systems – all of them – while chaos reigns around you. In other words, just about the worse scenario imaginable in which to learn something.

I think this is very true. In Fallen Earth I think many people deal with this by not learning the game in the first tutorial because they are under too much pressure. They learn the game after the first tutorial in the extended tutorial when there is no pressure, or later still wandering in the starting town, asking question in help.

Because as a new player, if the game is telling me in every way possible that there’s imminent danger, but the game is also telling me it’s okay to take the time to read this wall of text about skill system, then I know the game is lying to me.

However with the imminent danger most people don’t read or don’t remember. I know I tend to skip whats being said in those sorts of beginnings, I only read when I force myself to slow down. I remember this from Allods.


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